To heighten our congregation's awareness of biblical principles concerning their money, material possessions and giving by teaching biblical principles to understanding through God's word that good stewardship is a natural part of godly living and through bible-based instructions we will establish, promote and support effective stewardship programme. 

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To be a Church that gives liberally to good causes

(Acts 2:44-45; 2 Cor. 8:1-15)




To be a Church that maximises its resource potential (people, property, money etc.)




To promote, maintain, monitor and review an effective and proactive risk management system across the organisation




·         100% Local Church To return agreed tithes to National Office

·         100% church members to return tithes and practice responsive giving

·         Establish Jubilee Trust Fund

·         To encourage every congregation to establish a benevolent fund to support people in need

·         To establish special offering Sunday’s to support overseas/UK mission work.

·         To achieve eradication of all debts by 2015

·         To exercise robust financial management

·         To maintain a balanced budget at regional level

·         To manage capital assets responsibly

·         Carry out and regularly review premises and equipment risk assessments and put in place effective risk control measures

·         Cary out regular workplace/premises inspections

·         Carry out and regularly review task-based risk assessments and put in place effective risk control measures

·         Ensure complex tasks are supported by a safe system of work

·         Ensure people specific risk assessments are completed as soon as possible





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