To increase the community support centre's funding resources and establish superior service driven initiatives that will foster, support and address challenges and issues that affect our community that will promote greater impact.

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Social Transformation

To be a Church that has compassion for people in need (Isaiah 58:6-7)




Social Justice

To be a Church that seeks justice for the oppressed (Isaiah 61:1-2)



Social Enterprise (Acts)

To be a Church with dynamic charitable organisations with social purpose and benefits




Social Franchising (What do we have in our hands..)

To be a church that  joins into a franchise network for the provision of services




·         To achieve disabled access to all

·         Church owned properties with public access

·         To join the campaign to make poverty history

·         To participate in the campaign in reducing and preventing crime and provide solutions in the effects of crime and support victims

·         To participate and driving the regions Social Justice key priorities

·         To grow church inspired charities/social enterprise organisations that will resource social action initiative and future plans

·         To replicate proven social projects to an overall ‘blueprint’ to benefit the local community


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