Develop a new and innovative church harvest programme that incorporates and establishes a powerful and robust evangelism team that will embrace and reach out to all non-churched age groups and diverse communities that will maximise seasonal events.

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To be a church-planting movement





To be a Church that is open to all cultures and communities

(Matthew 28:18-20; 25:35-40;  John 3:16)





Develop a plan to reach the lost within our community including reaching out to the young people within our schools, colleges and universities



To be a Church that speaks boldly in the public arena

(Proverbs 31:8-9)




·          To support the establishment of  centres of excellence in every area and promote Christian presence in public arena

·          Support church planting/replanting churches in areas where there is currently no COGOP presence

·          To develop work in schools, prisons work, hospitals and health care work

·          To build partnerships with cross-cultural best practice mission organisations and introduce technology to aid cross cultural worship.

·          To sensitise the congregation  to the communities surrounding them

·          Train, equip, empower and release a team of evangelist, recruiting new members as and when necessary and utilising relevant resources

·          To build bridges with leading churches, para-churches groups and local  faith groups

·          To develop a communications and PR function and strategy of the Church to give regional area & local visibility

·         To support the development of our theology on matters of public interest to inform our stance


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